Lush Cosmetics DIRTY shaving Cream - If you suffer from sensitive skin when shaving or just want smooth, soft skin afterwards, check out this cream.

Review: Lush Cosmetics DIRTY Shaving Cream

Shaving cream. A boring but necessary part of our skincare needs. For someone who is cruelty free and has sensitive skin on her legs (hello itchy unappealing shaving rash) it’s slim pickings. Thankfully there is a good sensitive skin shaving cream at my local supermarket, but after a year of using this bad boy I was ready to try something new. Welcome the Lush Cosmetics DIRTY Shaving Cream.

A superb shaving cream with oatmilk to cool and calm, safflower oil to moisturise and honey to soothe.

Let’s get started:

  • This cream has a lovely gentle scent of lavender and sandalwood that is softened by the presence of oatmilk.
  • There is no lather to this cream what so ever. It’s almost like shaving with moisturiser and my legs are left feeling moisturised after I’ve washed it away.
  • I get no sensitivity when using this cream. It’s very soothing on my easily offended skin.
  • It is expensive in my opinion. 100g is $10.50AUD. However a little bit of product can go a long way (I learnt that the hard way when I slathered up on my first try and most of it was shaved away instantly).
  • It’s designed for mens facial shaving so works great as both a his and hers product, which means less bathroom clutter! Yes!
  • The packaging is a bit annoying for shaving in the shower as it’s in a tub and you have to be mindful for putting the lid back on quickly. But I love the Lush packaging from an aesthetic point of view so I can overlook this.

Lush Cosmetics DIRTY Shaving CreamIn short, I love this product. Yes it feels a bit pricey for me BUT it leaves my legs feeling so soft and not irritated. And not only that, I really believe in supporting companies who are trying to better the world, and Lush is one of those. I highly recommend taking a couple of minutes to read how they are working on reducing landfill with the way they package their products. Not only do they have this great shaving cream but they have a couple of others that I can’t wait to try. AND if I bring back 5 clean full-size Lush pots or tubes I can a free fresh face mask. Incentive!

Review of the Lush Cosmetics DIRTY Shaving Cream. If you suffer from sensitive skin when shaving or just want smooth, soft skin afterwards, check out this cream.

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