Cruelty free beauty blogs you need to know about.

Many people don’t know where to start in their journey to become cruelty free but the following blogs are stand outs as some of the most helpful, informative and useful blogs available when you’re looking to learn and stay up to date on the CF status of cosmetic companies. These women are at the top of the CF blogging game thanks to their passion and dedication to cruelty free living. They have taken the trouble out of going cruelty free.

  • My Beauty Bunny: Jen Matthews (Chief Bunny) created and maintains the My Beauty Bunny cruelty free brand list. This list includes certified and non certified brands (super helpful), vegan and non-vegan brands and independently owned and non-independently owned brands. The list is also updated with a ‘updated by’ date at the bottom so you can see it’s currency.
  • Phyrra: Courtney chooses to support cruelty free brands who are not selling in China, even if they have a parent company that is not cruelty free and whilst all ingredients have been tested at one time, she will not support any company that continues to test on animals. Phyrra has it’s own cruelty free list, as well as a list of companies that are not cruelty free (for added assistance).
  • Logical Harmony: Tashina has a fabulous site that is all about vegan beauty and living. You’ll find many popular brands on her site that have vegan products, of which she tries and tests. She created and maintains the Logical Harmony Cruelty Free & Vegan list that is the result of all her own research and only lists brands that have vegan options. Her blog is an absolute must if you are vegan or looking at vegan options.
  • Cruelty-Free Kitty: Suzi is a beauty addict like the rest of us and she also has and maintains a cruelty free brand list as well as providing product reviews, cruelty free dupes and other fun things. It’s easy to get loose track of time whilst wandering about her site, getting lost amongst her great posts.


6 Replies to “Cruelty free beauty blogs you need to know about.

  1. All sites I read all the time 🙂
    There are a lot of wonderful others I use too – ethical elephant, cruelty free cosmetics, the vegan chickpea, makeup guinea pig, lovely witches…

  2. Great post! I utilize all of these site too. I’m a huge fan My Beauty Bunny and Logical Harmony. They were the first two CF blogs that I found when switching and they both offer an endless amount of fantastic information.

    1. Thanks! My Beauty Bunny was the first site that I visited when I decided to become cruelty free. The other 3 quickly followed though, and although I’ve come across other great sites, I still find these four to be my ultimate picks.

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