The 6 Steps That Will Rescue Your Wardrobe - Don't despair, you don't have to buy anything new to do it...

The 6 Steps That Will Rescue Your Wardrobe

If you open your wardrobe and feel completely uninspired by what greets you, you’re not alone. It is terrible how we lose that feeling of excitement that we get with every new purchase. So here we are, days/weeks/months later, still uninspired by what greets us when we look in our wardrobes…

Without going out and buying another ‘key’ piece, here are some tips on how you can reinvigorate your current wardrobe and rediscover that feeling you have been missing.

// 1 //

Get rid of your shitty clothes

Sorry if that sounds harsh, but if your wardrobe is full of shitty clothes you never wear because (a) they are old and daggy; (b) no longer fit your style (c) never worn because you hate how it wears/looks/feels than it’s time to heave-ho. All your good clothes are hiding in amongst the rubbish that you have accumulated over the years.

// 2 //

Organise your wardrobe

Whether you organize your clothes by color, season or purpose, pull all your clothes out of your wardrobe (yes ALL of them) and one by one add each one back neatly in some organized fashion. I used to organize by my wardrobe by color by now I organize by event (work clothes/weekend clothes/date night clothes). Think about what would be the most convenient for you and go with it. Having an organized wardrobe really helps when trying to piece an outfit together.

// 3 //

Get on Pinterest

This task you can do whilst watching Netflix so don’t worry. If you haven’t already got a Pinterest account on your phone THEN GET IT. Create yourself a little style inspiration board and get to pinning all the outfits that you like. Once you do that you can start trying to put together new outfits from clothes you already own but never thought to put together before. Nothing is more satisfying than finding a new outfit hidden amongst your wardrobe…

(When you do create a Pinterest account, make sure to follow The Chic Identity for more beauty, life and style inspiration. Click here to find us!)

// 4 //

Experiment with makeup and accessories

Challenge yourself to try a bold lip or statement earrings with a casual look to add a little extra drama and pair some ankle boots with a summer dress for a twist. Wear something you haven’t worn in a really long time with items you wear all the time to get it back into your rotation and switch out your usual handbag for that cute clutch on the weekend.

// 5 //

Repair and refresh your clothes

If you have clothes that you keep but never wear because they need the hem to be re-stitched, a seam to be re-sewn, don’t fit just right or just need a good clean and press, then arrange to get them mended/tailored/dry cleaned ASAP. Once these loved clothes are back to a fit state to wear, you’ll feel much better about what you have in your wardrobe and open up more outfit options.

// 6 //

Mix it up

If you’re still struggling to create a new look, try color blocking or using layers of tonal colors and mix texture to create something unique to your style. Clash prints and pair red with pink. Silk shirts look great when contrasted with denim. And don’t be shy to mix masculine with feminine. Again, if you are looking for some inspiration, head to Pinterest and search ideas like ‘color blocking outfits’,  ‘layered outfits’, ‘tonal outfits’, ‘casual style’, ‘work style’. Even better, if you have a piece of clothing that you’re not sure how to style, just looking it up! For example – ‘high waisted red pants’, and just watch this inspiration flow in.

Do these 6 steps and you’ll find so much more inspiration in your wardrobe than you realized was there!

I would love to hear your comments, questions and feedback! xx