Scrub Vs. Scrub!


Let’s get ready too ruuuuuuuuuuumble!

In the left corner we have The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Microdermabrasion scrub ($26.95AUD) and in the right corner we have ModelCo’s Exfoliating Cream Facial Scrub ($19.99AUD). Both of these cruelty free facial scrubs have been put to the test and the results are in. Let’s go!

What do they claim to do (aside from the obvious – exfoliation)? IMG_20160120_190239

The Body Shop scrub claims to revitalize the skin with the use of vitamin C and give you fresh, radiant, velvet soft skin. It also claims to improve skin texture and tone.

The ModelCo scrub claims to give you visibly smoother, radiant, more glowing skin, energizing and purifying your complexion.

So all the buzz words you can use (which all pretty much mean the same thing) have been used by both brands. It’s a tie!

What are the Key Ingredients?

The Body Shop scrub has Amazonian camu camu berry, sweet almond oil and Community Trade shea butter. I know what one of those things are…Smells good though, sort of zingy.

The ModelCo scrub has walnut husks, sweet almond oil, damask rose, rose geranium, lavender oil and lemon myrtle. It’s a garden on your face and smells really great. A point to to ModelCo!

What is the scrub in the scrub?

IMG_20160120_185631The Body Shop scrub uses micro sized garnet exfoliating particles, which gives the microdermabrasion feel and effect.

The ModelCo scrub uses walnut husks and is much more granuler and more coarse.

So they are kind of apples and oranges in this category…and I love both of the scrub types BUT overall I preferred the micro-sized scrub particles because they were more gentle.

What is the recommended use?

It’s weekly Vs every 2nd/3rd day situation with The Body Shop recommending you use it LESS than the ModelCo scrub. That threw me initially because the ModelCo scrub is much more coarse, I assumed you would use it only weekly. But I follow the rules!

I like that I can use the ModelCo scrub every couple of days because I’m a bit of an exfoliating fiend…It’s great for those mornings when you wake up and look like you might as well be dead cause your skin is so blah.IMG_20160120_190824

Overall review:

Overall I found that both of these scrubs performed very well. Neither scrub has microbeads which was my first concern when I started this challenge. My skin was certainly very soft and vibrant after using both. They essentially claim to give the same results in my opinion and all brands use those lovely ‘fluff’ words like ‘radiant/glowing/velvet’ etc when describing what their product does. To me it all means the same. So it comes down to a couple of things. ModelCo has a heap of preferential benefits like no parabens/sulfates/PEGs etc. I also preferred the way my skin felt after using this scrub. Maybe it was all in my head, but I feel like it was a bit smoother, and it really did seem more vibrant. The ModelCo packaging is also recyclable which is pretty cool, and ModelCo is privately owned and 100% Australian made, whereas The Body Shop is owned by the animal testing company L’Oréal and I don’t know where it is made…  I did prefer how The Body Shop scrub felt as I was using it as it was a lot gentler and not as coarse, but overall I think the winner for me is the ModelCo scrub! This actually shocked me because I thought I preferred The Body Shop one more but after comparing them closely, I actually do like ModelCo that little bit more. I think you just get an overall better product that is more natural, better for the environment and you are supporting an independent company. But again, each to their own 🙂





I would love to hear your comments, questions and feedback! xx