Review: Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Review: Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

I love lipstick and I love Ruby Rose. So when Urban Decay created 100 new lipsticks and got Ruby Rose to be the face of the collection, I. DIED. Well played Urban Decay, well played… When the collection launched at Mecca Maxima here in Aus I jumped at the opportunity to snag a couple of shades (many had already sold out of course). I picked up 2 of the shades, both with different finishes and have been trying them out the last few months in order to develop my review.

Swatches of Urban Decays Vice Lipsticks

The #lipstickismyvice collection includes 5 different finishes. They are Cream, Comfort Matte, Mega Matte, Metallized, Sheer and Sheer Shimmer. I picked up a comfort matte in the super vampy dark red shade ‘Disturbed’ and a Metallized one in a more nude shade called ‘Trance’. Here’s how they performed:

Urban Decay 'Disturbed' Vice Lipstick

‘Disturbed’ – Ok, the straight up truth is that this lipstick shade is a lot of work to get on without the use of a lip liner. I highly recommend using a lip liner to outline your lips before applying this, for a quicker, cleaner and more even application. Also, blot your lips with a tissue after applying to help minimize how much the product transfers as it will transfer on to everything otherwise… It does go on a little patchy but you can get it looking great by building it up. I love this shade and it is very comfortable to wear, not at all drying – hence ‘comfort matte’. I think the lighter nude shades with this ‘comfort matte’ formula would be gorgeous and much easier to apply.

Urban Decay 'Disturbed' Vice Lipstick

Urban Decay 'Trance' Vice Lipstick

Trance’ – I love this shade. I’ve never been much for metallic finishes in lipsticks but this one is special. It has a pinky/mauve undertone to it and builds on the shade of my natural lip colour, adding a flattering metallic finish. The formula is also super easy to apply and quite long lasting that I use it almost every other day when I’m looking for something a little more extra than a nude lip. It is very comfortable as well as doesn’t require the use of a lip liner beforehand, or even a mirror for applying. I would love to try more of these metallized shades as I highly recommend this one.

Urban Decay 'Trance' Vice LipstickThese lipsticks retail in Aus for $28, which I feel is pretty reasonable for a high end lipstick and I do think they are worth the money. The packaging is also gorgeous. Completely flawless. There is a shade for everyone in this Vice collection and they also do a range of lip liners as well. I intend to pick up more of these Vice lipsticks in the future, but will steer clear of the dark Comfort Matte shades, or at least pick up a liner to wear with them.

*Urban Decay is owned by L’Oréal.

Swatches of Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks


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