Review: Too Faced Melted French Kisses.

By now you have probably seen that Too Faced did a fabulous ‘Christmas in Paris’ collection for Christmas this year with gorgeous packaging. Firstly, Too Faced’s packaging is already adorable, but the clever little geniuses at the Too Faced headquarters got together and decided the only thing better than their normal packaging would be French themed packaging.

Melted Lipsticks Too Faced

When I first saw this collection on YouTube I almost died. 1 because it was so gorgeous and 2 because I live in Australia I figured there was slim chance of getting my hands on some of the bigger items.  WELL I showed me! Mecca sent an email in November to say that they had some of these items in stock and I literally stopped what I was doing and got online. I managed to get my hands on one of the bigger releases – Le Grand Chateau, which I will review later, and the 4 pack French Kisses Melted. In Australia, this retails for $37.00.

The range has four clutch size (or deluxe mini, 5mL) tubes in the shades: Melted Metallic Peony, Melted Chihuahua, Melted Metallic Macaron and Melted Berry. The metallic shades are actually new releases for this collection and Chihuahua and Berry are their two best selling original shades. The swatches below makes the lipsticks look more glossy than what they are (a result of the lighting unfortunately). They appear more matte in real life.

1. Metallic Peony 2. Chihuahua 3. Metallic Macaron 4. Berry
1. Metallic Peony 2. Chihuahua 3. Metallic Macaron 4. Berry

This is my first time using the Melted Liquefied Lipsticks so I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ll break down how I feel about each part of them:

Colors: The colors are pretty good and pigmented, obviously it’s all about personal choice though. Melted Chihuahua is my fave shade (although the name freaks me out) and it is the most neutral shade in the bunch. Great for an every day look at the office. As I mentioned in my Christmas Favorites Tag, Berry is going to be my go-go Christmas shade (cause you know, it blends well with red wine lips…). I am not a huge fan of the metallic shades because they are quite pink and I prefer browns and reds a bit more right now. But again, colors are a personal choice.

Wear time: I have used a lip liner each time I’ve worn one of these shades, so that I can achieve a clean lip line, and the staying power of them is great. It depends what you’re doing to how long its going to last. Tucking into a massive bowl of spaghetti with a pizza chaser isn’t going to help it last, but sipping coke through a straw? You’re good to go for hours!

Feel: They go on super creamy and dry to semi creamy/dry (does that make sense?). They don’t feel dry on my lips is what I’m getting at but they do dry. If you exfoliated and primed your lips with a bit of balm they would feel (and look) even better.

Application: So the liquefied lipstick is in a tube (yes that much is obvious) and it has an applicator at the end. This means you just have to squeeze the tube gently and you can apply it straight to your lips without having to use a wand. Very convenient, easy and effective.

Smell: I wasn’t sure about putting this category in because I can’t describe what they smell like. Each one smells a bit different to the other so you can’t pin point it. They don’t have a bad scent, but there is definitely a scent… If anyone has smelt these, can you please let me know if you can describe it?

The 4 Melted shades
The 4 Melted shades

Overall, I have really enjoyed all of them, so much so that I have bought another pack that I plan on splitting up to add to some gifts (stocking stuffer idea #10 ;)). I am planning on getting more of these liquid lipsticks in the future after trying these. I’d especially love a few more of the neutral shades in the collection.



I would love to hear your comments, questions and feedback! xx