Review: Aesop Body Products

Review: Aesop Body Products

When you purchase anything from Aesop, you’re making a choice to romance yourself. I mean, you don’t purchase their full-size signature hand wash (which will set you back $40.00AUD) just because you need handwash. No.  You purchase it very deliberately because you want to spoil yourself and you know that even your hands are worth it. It is a complete sensory experience from start to finish with Aesop.

I have had the pleasure of bringing some of these lovely Aesop products into my home and here are my thoughts on the ones that I have tried, if I think they are worth the spend and the packs that I recommend so you can try a lot for a little.

aesop classic shampoo

This shampoo is suited ‘normal hair’ that is washed frequently. It has a mild formulation that blends oils of Cedarwood Bark and Juniper Berry to cleanse thoroughly while Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein hydrates and softens hair. The overall scent is minty and herbaceous (which sounds weird but is completely lovely).

Aesop Classic Conditioner

This conditioner is suited to most hair types and leaves hair feeling very soft, and beautifully scented. It has botanical oils with impressive hydrating and hair-softening properties that blend with Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein to lightly nourish, hydrate, disentangle and smooth hair. Aesop describes the scent as camphorous, herbaceous and fresh – and it is! Paired with the shampoo it is a sensory delight, however I would love to try their other shampoo/conditioner pairs next.

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser

One of my absolute favorites by Aesop is this body wash. It is an invigorating gentle gel cleanser formulated with oils of Mandarin and Bergamot Rind to banish grime and thoroughly refresh the skin. Aesop describes the scent as ‘green, citrus & fresh’. It really smells like the country – in the most mind-calming and beautiful way. This product is a total must for me.

Aesop geranium leaf body balm

This body balm is such a great partner to the cleanser and is perfect just before bed. I find applying it to damp skin is best because it absorbs into the skin so quickly. It is a rich blend of nourishing nut oils, skin-softening ingredients and Geranium Leaf and Citrus extracts that provide exceptional hydration. Whilst I love the scent and it is perfectly matched with the body wash, this would not be an everyday moisturiser for me given the price point.


This is the bougie handwash that I was referring to in my intro.  It contains oils of Orange, Rosemary and Lavender that effectively cleanse the hands without drying them out. It is totally unnecessary but totally beautiful if you are looking for an indulgence. I have heard other people cheekily continue to use the bottle after it’s empty by refilling it with less expensive handwash. Something I will likely do because I love how it looks in my bathroom. I have no regrets purchasing this product at all but it’s not essential, it is just lovely smelling hand soap….


I keep this hand balm on my bedside table and use it every night before I go to sleep as the scent helps to relax my mind. It has a very nourishing formula that softens and hydrates my poor, dry hands so beautifully without leaving them greasy.  The scent is described as citrus, woody and herbaceous. It’s delightful and I will very much be repurchasing it once it runs out.

The way that I originally tried these products was through the purchasing of the ‘Jet Set’ bundle and the ‘Sway’ bundle. It was a great way to try many these products out in a more cost-effective way. Here are some of the bundles with the products I have mentioned above.


Bottom Left: RESURRECTION DUET Bottom Right: SWAY

Review: Aesop Body Products

How I Like To Use These Products

Given the high price point of these products and my limited budget, it’s not practical for me to use these products every day.  So I have taken a leaf out of my good friend’s book and created myself a Sunday night (Aesop) ritual where I will enjoy all the products at once. By savoring the moments I have with these incredible scents, and building all the scents from the hair wash, to body wash and body balm, it makes the experience even more indulgent. I find that I am transported to another place in my mind – specifically, a bathroom on a secluded farm in the English countryside on a rainy afternoon where I am free from all my responsibilities and can only imagine the flowers in the gardens that surround me. Yes, my mind is completely enchanted by the unique Aesop scents that I honestly experience these intense daydreams when I am showering with them. I have not experienced the same with any other brand to date.

Now I know what you’re thinking – “but Carla, you’re supposed to be a minimalist now right? Why don’t you just buy an all-in-one shampoo/conditioner/body wash/moisturiser and call it a day?”I’ll tell you why – because that would not bring me any kind of joy (in fact, it sounds downright depressing). If I am bringing something into my home these days it has to bring me joy, as trite as that sounds. Pampering myself is one of my favorite ways to practice self-care and there is nothing more relaxing than a night in with Aesop.

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