Jade Face Roller - Gimmick or Gold?

Jade Face Roller – Gimmick or Gold?

You can’t open Instagram these days without seeing one of the many different types of beautiful facial rollers. Whether it be jade, rose quartz, ice or a microneedle roller, it seems as though everyone has become hooked on this ancient skincare method of rolling the skin. Like many a skincare fanatic before me, I became super curious about whether these rollers actually had any skincare benefits at all and so I purchased my very own to find out…

I purchased a stunning jade roller from the brand Lux Aestiva after a particularly stressful couple of weeks in my new job that was resulting in a lot of neck and facial tension. One of the reported benefits of the facial roller is its ability to relax facial muscles so needless to say I was keen to roll the heck out of my tense face.

Why the Hype?

Aside from being incredibly photogenic, the Jade Face Roller is touted to have many benefits for the skin and has been used for centuries. The gentle massage it provides assists with lymphatic drainage and reduces puffiness. Lux Aestiva promotes its Jade roller capable of providing the following benefits:

+clear fluid

+boost circulation

+improve elasticity

+promote cell turnover for a brighter, healthier look

+lymphatic drainage

In the interest of good police work, I tried to pin down some sort of reputable study to support these benefits, but alas, my internet skills are either not good enough or no one has taken the time to do an actual study (if you know otherwise, let a girl know!). So to me, it’s still all hearsay and history – but if you see a difference in your skin, that’s all that matters really.

Jade Face Roller - Gimmick or Gold?
Before rolling my face with the Jade Face Roller.
Jade Face Roller - Gimmick or Gold?
I keep my roller in the fridge, making the experience even more delightful.
Jade Face Roller - Gimmick or Gold?
How my face looks after using my cool Jade Face Roller. It is notably less puffy!

the chic opinion.

I use my roller EVERY morning as part of my skincare routine and it has quickly become my most favorite step. I keep mine in the fridge and use it after I cleanse and apply my favorite daily facial oil by Dewy&Bae (review of that oil here). It is very effective at increasing the absorption the oil with its massaging properties, which hopefully means I am getting more bang for my buck…

The feeling of the cool jade rolling it over my sleepy face in the morning is enough for me to recommend it to anyone on that alone. The cold jade rolling across my tired face makes me start to feel human, especially when I roll it across my eyes.

The other great thing about the roller is its massaging properties. I roll it up and down the sides of my neck where I hold a lot of tension and it really helps to massage and soothe those muscles. It’s great for headaches and hangovers too. Just sayin’….

As for the other benefits of Jade rolling, like increased circulation, improved elasticity and lymphatic drainage, I can certainly attest to my face looking less puffy afterward (especially if I’ve been drinking the night before).  Does it have drastic results? No. Well, at least not for me. But like with a massage, it will assist with the drainage of lymph and improve your circulation.

So if you haven’t quite cottoned on yet, I think the roller is completely worth the investment (which isn’t much) if you are really into your skincare routine. I would buy it again just for its relaxing and soothing effects on my mind, face and neck and how it helps push my serums and oils into my skin. If you like the look of the Lux Aestiva one, you can pick it up here for $36.

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Jade Face Roller - Gimmick or Gold?

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