How to Create a Wardrobe Full of Clothes You LOVE in 1 Afternoon – and Why You Should.

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes yet you find you stare at it everyday feeling like you have nothing to wear?

If so, chances are you are not buying what you need because you don’t really know what you have and the clothes that you LOVE are hidden between clothes that you don’t even like.

When you don’t know what you have you are more likely to continue to buy the same types of clothes over and over again.  OR you end up picking up items in a panic to help ‘diversify’ your collection, yet you rarely want to wear them because they don’t really go with what you already own or your sense of style.

Ultimately you end up with a mish mash of clothes that do not inspire you to create the looks that you are going for. This can be incredibly frustrating and keeps us in the cycle of continually feeling like we need to keep buying new things to solve our style problems! – I don’t know about you but I DO NOT have the budget for these kinds of fashion shenanigans.

Did you know that the fashion industry is now the second biggest global polluter in the world, with the first being the oil industry? – So make every future fashion purchase worthwhile and as sustainable as you can.

How to Create a Wardrobe Full of Clothes You LOVE in 1 Afternoon - and Why You Should.


The first step to creating a wardrobe that you love is to sort out what you already own into what you LOVE, what is ESSENTIAL, and what can GO.

Do not go into this task lightly. You need to prepare yourself and commit to making the time to do it right! Follow the guide below for steps on how to get your wardrobe situation sorted – And be ruthless!

How to Create a Wardrobe Full of Clothes You LOVE in 1 Afternoon - and Why You Should.

How to decide what to keep:

LOVE: These are the pieces that bring you joy to wear and that fit your ideal style. They could be pieces you wear all the time, or special pieces that you only wear occasionally. Make sure that what you are keeping is a reflection of your style and that it also fits you well! If you love something but it doesn’t fit ideally, arrange to have it tailored.

ESSENTIAL: These are pieces that you aren’t particularly in love with but they are practical and you need them for certain occasions. For example, you may keep certain worn in clothes for camping or dirty activities. Or it might just be a work or school uniform. Either way, they are pieces that you still need to hold on to, even though you don’t particularly love them.

GO: Go can be split into 2 categories – pieces that can be rehomed and pieces that are ready to go to clothing heaven. Anything that is worn out should go to clothing heaven and anything that you no longer wear or does not suit your style can be rehomed. *Alternatively, if you are sentimental with some of your clothing from important events, pack it carefully for storage.

How to Create a Wardrobe Full of Clothes You LOVE in 1 Afternoon - and Why You Should.

The bonus of sorting your wardrobe like into these 3 categories is that you will know exactly what you need (and don’t need) the next time you go shopping.

Also, if you find that you kept a bunch of items that you love but don’t wear often, figure out why that is.

Is it because you don’t have anything to pair these things with to make them wearable? If it is, it is easy to fix. You just need to look for some staples to help make them more wearable. If you’re not sure how to style said item, check out pinterest and search for different ideas.

If you pick up something in the shop and you can’t figure out what you already own to wear it with, then put it back. You want to keep your newly organized wardrobe under control and versatile.

How to Create a Wardrobe Full of Clothes You LOVE in 1 Afternoon - and Why You Should.
*OMG this says ‘Final’ not ‘Anal’. Damn font.

Now, just because you have cleared out a bunch of space in your wardrobe doesn’t mean you should immediately start filling it back up again.

The purpose of this exercise is to learn and love what you have and create a base from which to develop a more sustainable collection of clothes.

And remember, donating clothes is not the answer to making space for new clothes. Our clothing should never feel disposable to us. We should either be able to wear it to death (and not in a short period of time) or be able to pass it on to someone else.

Now excuse me as I need to look for an organic cotton white tee to round off a few of my outfits…

I would love to hear your comments, questions and feedback! xx