Totally Luxe Vegan Leather Bags

Vegan leather is, in fact, faux leather, but well named and is the ethical alternative to real leather. Many vegan leathers are created through the use of acrylic, PVC, nylon or vinyl fibers. There are also others which are made from natural materials, such as cork oak bark (cork leather) or crafted from kelp (ocean leather). With veganism on the rise and more and more demand for cruelty-free alternatives in fashion, vegan leather has evolved and is used by fashion brands worldwide. If you’re a hard to please, high-quality seeking bag fiend, you will be pleasantly surprised to see just how many chic vegan leather bags there are out there. So before you write them off as some hippie style, cheap looking, plastic feeling abomination to fashion, take a look at the following lust-worthy bags that would look great on any arm.  No longer is there a need to compromise on style and quality!

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