Behind the Scenes: Ranting About Instagram at the Chef's Table

Behind the Scenes: Ranting About Instagram at the Chef’s Table

Well I’m back to recapping my week from the comfort of my bed and not because I have been here all day but because I am so tired from being OUT all day! I am being totally honest when I tell you that I write these Behind the Scenes posts on the actual day that I post them. There is no prior planning involved, it’s just me sitting down and letting it all hang out for you 😉 (I can tell you’re excited already). So what came up this week worth mentioning…

You’ll find me at the Chef’s Table

I f*cking love good food and whilst I am not too shabby in the kitchen I do wish that I was a better cook than I actually am. So unsurprisingly I have become hooked on the Netflix docuseries ‘Chef’s Table’.  It is a behind the scenes look inside the kitchens and minds of the international culinary superstars who are redefining gourmet food and I love it. Thus far I LOVE episode 2 about Dan Barber who is a chef at a gourmet farm-to-table restaurant. The ingredients he uses at his restaurant are organically grown on one farm that supports a very sustainable farming practice. His focus is completely on flavor, which when you dig down, is all about how the produce is grown. For someone who loves the whole farm to table concept, this episode was fascinating, especially because his dishes are so unexpected. If you’re a bit of a foodie, I highly recommend checking ‘Chef’s Table’ out. P.s. there are already 3 seasons so I’m sorry if you end up bingeing…

The war against Instagram’s algorithm and bots

I’m just going to say it, Instagram has been really p*ssing me off the last few weeks. The algorithm coupled with the bloody bots make it so challenging for bloggers to get their posts seen  and followers come and go as quickly as they appear!  Not only is it annoying as a blogger, because our work isn’t being seen, but on my own personal account, I miss out on so many of my friend’s posts. They just don’t appear in my feed anymore! So now I have taken to posting my posts in instastories to help increase their exposure to my followers, even though I wish I didn’t have to. Outside of the algorithm is the f*cking bots. The amount of follow/unfollow work is beyond a joke these days. As soon as you start thinking you’re reaching your audience with your content, your following drops again and you’re left wondering if you missed the mark. It’s a bloody rollercoaster! I know I shouldn’t worry about my follower count but it is an important factor to consider when you want to know if your hard work and content is being well received. So bots and the insta algorithm can f*ck right off please. End rant.

I just saved your wardrobe again

This week I posted 5 reasons why your wardrobe needs Bon basics, and if you had read it you’d know that it was actually 6 reasons. I have written posts in the past about how to clear out your wardrobe and start turning it into something you love and this week I expanded into the importance of really good basics for doing that. The label Bon is one that has all your basic needs covered whilst at the same time being ethical and sustainable. I love their tees and I know you will too. Check out that post here.

On an unrelated note, I also cut my hair 🙂

Behind the Scenes: Ranting About Instagram at the Chef's Table

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