Wondering where to start in your journey to be cruelty free? Don’t worry, below are 5 easy steps to take when wondering how to transition to a cruelty free life.

Do Some Research

Check out the PETA, Leaping Bunny and Choose Cruelty Free websites to get an idea of what brands are and are not cruelty free.  These organisations hold companies to specific standards in order for them to appear on their accredited lists. However, I actually prefer using these cruelty free beauty bloggers listsThese ladies make and monitor their own CF lists and include companies that you may not see on the other websites.

Check Your Current Collection

You may be surprised at how many products and brands you already own which are cruelty free. You might be a bit sad to learn that some of your fave products have to be added to the doomed list…. But again, BRIGHT SIDE, you might already own and love some of the cruelty free products and be familiar with the brands and where to buy them etc. So focus on that. Your journey may have already started without you.
How To Go Cruelty Free in 5 Easy Steps. Image / Soak Society via Flaunter
Soak Society is a cruelty free brand that you may not have heard of. Image via Flaunter

Use Your Phone When Shopping

When you’re out and about, shopping up a storm or just trawling for a new specific type of product, whip out that phone and do a google search on any brand you aren’t familiar with it. It’s one of the best ways to increase your brand knowledge and double check if what you’re wanting to buy meets your cruelty free requirements.

Have ‘Go-To’ Brands 

To turn being CF into a lifestyle that is easy to maintain familiarise yourself with the brands that you see around all the time. Have CF go-to products in the supermarket that you don’t need to think about because you’ve already deemed them to be acceptable. Knowing which brands are CF at your local drugstore/supermarket and it will save you time and energy when you’re in a hurry.

Replace Products One At A Time

As you start to notice your products running low, use that time to replace them with a cruelty free alternative. This way you can slowly build your collection and each time you need to replace something you are likely to learn something new and get to try new products!
How To Go Cruelty Free in 5 Easy Steps. Image / Born Again Body via Flaunter
Born Again Body is a cruelty free brand that you may not have heard of. Image via Flaunter

So there it is, 5 tips to help you along your cruelty free journey. Remember, everyone is on a different journey and some will have different CF requirements than others. Focus on your own journey and make it something fun and sustainable. Do what feels right for you and keeps you motivated!

*Feature image – Soak Society via Flaunter

I would love to hear your comments, questions and feedback! xx