10 Sustainable Living Goals You Can Set for 2018

10 Sustainable Living Goals You Can Set for 2018

Want to start living more sustainably but not sure what to start with? Or are you ready to take on a new sustainable living challenge to up the ante of what you are already doing?

Here are 10 sustainable living goal ideas that you can set yourself for 2018. Try as little or as much as you like but the more you do the easier it becomes!

1 – No disposable coffee cups for 2018!
This is a big challenge for those, like me, with a raging coffee addiction. However, if you invest in a travel mug (or 3 like me) and keep it in your bag at all times, and 1 at work, you will find that it becomes easier and easier to say no to disposable coffee cups. If you forget your mug, perhaps you might have the luxury of time to sit and enjoy your coffee in the cafe. Disposable coffee cups are a huge environmental problem and one you can stop contributing to immediately. Go here to read more about the damaging effects of disposable coffee cups.

2 – Attempt to sell items before donating them.
Have you recently gone through a decluttering/spring cleaning process or planning to? Instead of just donating all the items you no longer want, try selling them first. Or if they don’t particularly hold any value for a resale, list them for free! Rehoming an item is far more sustainable and economical than sending it to the donation bin. And you might make a bit of a profit too!

3 – Give up plastic water bottles.
Just like disposable coffee cups, plastic water bottles place a huge strain on the environment but are easily avoidable! Pick up a cute reusable water bottle to keep with you on the go so that you don’t need to purchase bottled water.

4 – Shop secondhand more often.
Looking for something in particular or just feel like a bit of shopping? Try looking online on places like Gumtree and eBay to see if you can get what you want/need secondhand, or have a look at your local secondhand shops. Items like denim, furniture, kitchenware, glassware, gardenware etc are great things to look at purchasing secondhand, you will even save some serious cash!

5 – Learn some easy and delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes.
It’s no secret that reducing your meat consumption is good for the environment and your health. Not every meal needs to contain meat or animal products and it’s as easy learning some new recipes that you can whip up on the regular. Additionally, increasing your vegetarian and vegan meals will likely save you money as meat is much more expensive than vegetables!

6 – Give better gifts.
This year, give the gift of experience or consumables over other material items. Red Balloon and Adrenaline are great places to look for experience vouchers and food and wine gifts are rarely disappointing. But you don’t need to stop there, spa vouchers and theatre tickets are never a bad idea either!

7 – Buy more ethical and sustainable basics.
Underwear, active wear and tees are such essential wardrobe staples that you will always want and need. Find a few great brands that value sustainability and ethical practices and purchase your basics from them. Some great underwear companies are Le Buns and Mighty Good Undies and Bon and Boody are great places to buy your basic tee and activewear needs.

8 – Say no to straws.
When ordering drinks at the bar or restaurant, kindly request ‘no straw please’. Plastic straws are terrible for the environment and just another one of those single-use items that will continue to exist as pollution forever as soon as you’re done with it. If you like a straw with your drink, pick up some reusable straws from Flora & Fauna that you can keep with you 🙂

9 – Avoid plastic bags.
Plastic bags suck.  Start keeping reusable bags in your car so when you’re next at the supermarket, you’ll have your bags with you. Avoid prepackaged fruits and vegetables and say no to the plastic bags provided for these by taking your own.  You will start noticing how nice it is at home not having all those rubbish plastic bags after a shop!

10 – Start shopping in bulk.
Do you have a bulk food store near you, or at least within a reasonable distance? Why not look at getting a lot of your grocery staples from here. Flours, lentils, sugar, oil, salt etc can all be purchased at bulk food stores along with heaps of other great stuff, just bring along all your empty jars and containers.

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